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At age 11, J.J. (Jukka) Perkiomaki left Finland to move with his family to Astoria, Oregon.

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How to Protect Your Teeth From Sun Damage
Posted on 11/10/2018 by JJ Perkiomaki
You need to take plenty of precautions when you are outside in the sun and caring for your mouth is one of them. Illnesses like oral cancer can result from exposure to sun, and UV rays may also trigger cold sore outbreaks. To protect yourself from these and other problems, keep some important tips in mind. Wear a HatThe best way to protect your mouth from the sun is to reduce contact. A baseball cap or a wide-brimmed hat can shade your face, minimizing the amount of time your mouth is exposed to the sun. It may seem like an overly-simplified solution, but simply investing in a hat can go to great lengths to protect your mouth and face from sun damage. Drink Plenty of WaterA healthy mouth is well-lubricated and moist. Your saliva will help with that, but when you are hot and outdoors, it is easy to get parched. Sip on water frequently to avoid dry mouth and to keep your teeth safe. Use a Lip Balm with SunscreenWhen it comes to sunburn, the lips are at a greater risk than the teeth. By being tucked away inside of your mouth, your teeth simply don't get exposed to enough direct sunlight to burn. Your lips, on the other hand, are constantly being pelted with UV rays, and a lip balm with SPF 15 or more can help. Make sure you apply the lip balm at least 30 minutes before you go outdoors and have your balm with you throughout your outdoor endeavors to reapply as needed. Regardless of the season, if it is time for your six-month dental checkup, it is important to attend. Give us a call today to learn more about what to expect at your next dental cleaning and to discuss any issues that you might have....

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